Management Science & Innovation LogoHeadquartered in Chantilly VA, Management Science and Innovation (MSI), is a unique firm with the rare combination of expertise in management sciences and modern applications development techniques. MSI provides various continuous process improvement, strategy, innovation, logistics, and human performance consulting and training services along with application development and integration services. MSI is the only small business to act as the lead consulting firm on two DoD Service HQ level CPI deployments. In both cases, the CPI programs are performing with stellar results. MSI combines competencies in process engineering, human performance, and software development to provide high performance value streams and the information systems that drive sustainment and “Systemic Six Sigma” for our clients. MSI focuses upon creating process centric solutions for non-manufacturing processes in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries. The MSI Team is comprised of experts in Six Sigma, Lean, strategy, operations management, and software engineering. As a firm leading the charge into Six Sigma for non-manufacturing processes, MSI has developed innovative techniques such as Process Portfolio ManagementTM (PPM), Process Oriented DesignTM (POD), and the POPPTM Mentoring approach exemplifying our leadership in management sciences. For more information, please visit or contact


Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Management, Performance Improvement, Design and Innovation, Human Performance, Wellness, Effective and Efficient Office Management

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